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Caressy is a reliable babysitting application that connects parents with trusted and certified babysitters for on-demand, personalized childcare services. Caressy offers intensive care for your child to grow up in a better environment and quality education.

         With flexible options like both-sided babysitting locations and the Caressy Map feature powered by Google Maps, it offers a convenient solution for parents needing childcare for various reasons. Whether parents require services during their business travels, need personal time, or their child is unwell, Caressy is the perfect solution for busy parents who seeking safe and trusted childcare services.


The babysitting application was developed to address the challenges faced by busy parents in finding reliable childcare options that align with their schedules, offering a platform that ensures trust, reliability, and flexibility in personalized childcare services.

Busy parent

With hectic schedules, busy parents often struggle to find reliable childcare solutions that align with their limited time availability.

Inflexible babysitting

Traditional inflexible babysitting services make it challenging for parents to find suitable options that accommodate their specific scheduling needs, resulting in limited flexibility and inconvenience.

Unreliable babysitter

The concern of unreliable babysitters creates a sense of insecurity and uncertainty for parents seeking trustworthy individuals to care for their children.

The Solution

Reliable babysitter

Babysitters hold the necessary certifications to ensure the well-being and safety of the children under their care.

Babysitter’s house inspection

Provide parents with confidence and reassurance that their child will be safe and well-cared for in the babysitter’s home.

Flexibility babysitting

Empowers parents to make choices that optimize the well-being and happiness of their children while providing peace of mind.

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